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When You Come to a Fork in the Road...

15th May, 2006. 8:19 pm.

*cries lugubrious tears of sorrow*

T-bag! with no hand...and...
the plane, leaving them alone
and..Haywire getting a Lance Armstrong complex!


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20th April, 2006. 1:24 pm.


oh godddd..."Bluff" was so good, and I'm really, really tempted to watch 'The Key" now, but I MUST wait until monday. I can do it..I will have willpower...
in the mean time I can just content myself with these...

Things I'm Excited AboutCollapse )

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16th April, 2006. 2:20 am.


Current mood: drained.

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6th April, 2006. 11:48 pm. :(

Damn, I hate HATE history papers.
That is all

Current mood: grumpy.

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6th April, 2006. 11:47 pm.

Damn, I hate HATE history papers.
That is all

Current mood: grumpy.

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5th April, 2006. 11:17 pm.

So....didn't get any work done on my paper today...Sat around reading PB stuff and roleplaying with crazy peoples. Stupid paper is gonna eat me ALIVE, flesh, blood even bones.

I am still recuperating from 'Brothers Keeper' on mon. Loved the insight into everyone, that has to be one of the best episodes in the history of television. Like EVER. mmm...favorite was T-bag. God, Robert knepper blew my mind. and Sucre's waaayy too cute for his own good.

My granmas coming this weekend, and I really hope she lets me work.

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31st March, 2006. 11:43 am.

How is my Spring Break going so quickly? It's surreal, and not fair. Suprisingly, I've been pretty busy. I've been out doing something every day from drilling down a six foot wall, to looking at art museums, To having a photo shoot for a magazine. Which are all fun activities, so I'm not exactly complaining. But still...I think I'm going to make a concious effort to be lazy and sit around PB obsessing, reading, and listening to music. I want to be bored! Also I wanted to start on my reports which are giong to collapse in on me when I get back.

Until then, though, I'm going to enjoy my last three days of SB!

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21st March, 2006. 3:08 pm. Prison Break Love

I'm still recuperating from Prison break last night. Was Soooo goooooood, like five billion times good, execpt now I'm super worried about Lincoln. Like, I know he's going to live, but I don't know how and I'm getting sick over it. hrmmph.

And I loved how T-bag only had like two major scenes and yet still had the best lines... :)

can't wait till next week ( Plus i'll be on spring break!)

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19th March, 2006. 1:03 am.

I have never gotten sick before this year. Honestly, I went like four years without getting a cold or sore throat or anyhting. But this year I've been sick like three times. :(

Yesterday I went to Les Mis, and it was fantabulous. Like vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce good. Didn't even mind the fact that the smoke alarm went off in the middle. Now I can't wait to get the soundtrack..the songs keep playing in my head, and I only know like four lines.

Today I mostly slept and got online and slept some more. I love the explosion of Prison Break news! Can't wait till monday...finally here!

Tonight me and cait got into a large spat. Which was not fun in the slightest, and I kinda wish I don't want to go back to school on mon.

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12th March, 2006. 1:42 pm.

As much work as this week was going, This weekend certainly made up for it. Had some good times with mis amigos.

I saw Walk the Line + Garden State this morning while we -cait slept over-groggily woke up. I give the Ebert + Roeper two thumbs up for both ( even though I've seen Garden State like three times now)

so much fun. I'm just sad I prolly won't get to make my PB t-shirts with devon today...

That's all for now, and I will leave saying one last word.


Current mood: happy.

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